Delta Fuego LLC provides the highest quality services from former Special Operations Combat Veterans in multiple disciplines to include security consultation, tactical expertise, CQB, self defense, strategic operations planning, trauma medicine, communications, security management, education, and sustainment of skill sets. We are capable of evaluating a client's needs and presenting integrated solutions, including curriculum development, instruction, short term and long term solutions, and also in Spanish.

Core Competencies

  • Subject matter experts from Special Operations, Law enforcement, and Gov Agencies
  • Medical trauma experts
  • Tactical training, CQB, Basic and advanced marksmanship
  • Education, accountability and skills sustainment
  • Multi lingual instructors in communications
  • Curriculum development, evolution, and implementation
  • Surveillance and counter surveillance capability progression
  • OCONUS staffing, instruction and unit program course development


Our small business makeup and access to over 120 acre outdoor pistol and rifle range in Guatemala with a shoot house, allows us to be flexible and offer responsive, concierge level service to our clients. We have over 75 years of combined Special Operations experience, and instruction service records that always handle client issues with professionalism, expertise, and courtesy. Should custom courses be required we can facilitate building your curriculum based on METL tasks and needs of the unit.

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